01 Flying to China

By Kartika Putra

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Location: mid-flight

Date: 10/04/15

This is what we do, we leave our comfy homes in Sydney (the little luxuries of comfy beds and strolls to beaches) to search for the textiles to use in our upcoming fashion collection. Its exciting! I can’t wait to see where it takes us! who will we meet? and what will we find? I never really considered China as a travel destination – off coarse there are the popular tourist destinations featuring the great wall and the terracotta warriors, but it was never a place where we thought we would find traditional textiles. It wasn’t until @starrevartan inspired us through our #inspirewolftress instagram campaign where our imagination started running wild!

China? the country known for its mass production industries STILL produces traditional textiles? by hand?! the idea of having an ancient and traditional skill breathing amongst the factories and fast paced cityscape of China was too intriguing to let go. Curiosity got the better of us – it had to be done.

And here we are!! mid-flight to China!!

Location: Ho Chi Minh Airport

Date: 11/04/15

The beauty of flying with Vietnam Airlines!! 18 hour layover in Ho Chi Minh – we didn’t organise a visa to leave the airport, AWESOME! So we’ve set up a little Wolftress office here making sure we’re keeping everyone up to date!

We’ve decided to take you along on our journey the WHOLE WAY – which means we’ll be documenting like crazy and doing little videos along the way. See above (its our first video!! – airport lighting is so terrible, and we’ll try harder to keep a straight face next time). With our decision to do this, Jessie and I have made a pact that we won’t keep you away from any ugly moments – so you’re in for a REAL TREAT!

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See you in China! xx

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