04 Streets of Guiyang

By Kartika Putra

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Location: Guiyang

Finally got off the train! after 20 + hours we had our first breath of fresh air in the capital city of the Guizhou Province. Known to be one of the poorest provinces in China, we found ourselves amongst the locals, staying in a tiny apartment that had shared bathrooms and no privacy. Rubbish, stray cats and the homeless lined the streets. A SHARP contrast to the big city we had just come from (Guangzhou)

Just a little culture shock.

Many people stared at us – mainly because this province has only recently opened its doors to foreigners. When travelling with a Jessie (super tall/long caucasian), Mark (a red head with a red beard) and myself (of chinese heritage with nooooo knowledge of the language); we definitely get a lot of confused looks. It doesn’t help when people start talking to me in Chinese, thinking that I’m Jessie and Mark’s translator!!

It took us FOREVER to find our place to stay, our taxi driver dropped us off at the beginning of a dark and narrow alleyway which quickly became a dead end. The onlookers couldn’t help because of our lack of charade skills, but we managed to find it when a little girl took Mark’s hand and led him to a big green door.

We are off tomorrow to the mountains!! hopefully to FINALLY meet some ethnic minorities!

We’ll keep you posted!


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