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Wolftress at Splendour

We are looking for warriors, movers, shakers, musos, dancers, dreamers who are heading to Splendour this weekend! If you want to get on board with the Wolftresspack and represent Wolftress at Splendour all you need to do is send us an email with the answers to the following questions. In three words describe your inner Wolftress […]


When a Goddess Rules the Sea

An amazing play of darkness and sunlight, the editorial shoot staring Daria Werbowy is an amazing reflection of the strength that can be witness even with the glittering beauty of the ocean and movement of light flowy fabrics. Vogue Japan Editorial April 2010 Photographer: Mikael Jansson Fashion Editor/Stylist: George Cortina Model Daria Werbowy Hair Sylist: […]


MX Paper Features Wolftress

Its exciting to find a little Wolftress feature on one of the most widely circulated papers around – Mx Paper! It was even more exciting when we discovered that we had a full page spread! Issued on Friday 11th of July 2014 and words by Vanessa Stubbs; here is a little excerpt from the feature. Tell […]

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Fashion Weekly Talks

We stumbled upon an article on Wolftress whilst we were googling ourselves. Its quite an oldie, but its always good that our values have stayed true till now. See the article here A free-spirited label promises hope to a dying art. Wolftress creators, Jessie and Kartika (Tika) take a fresh approach to give the Western […]


Sebastiao Salgado

He’s the man that would immerse himself within his subjects for years at a time; capturing the best of their world and sharing it with the rest of us through his black and white snapshots. Salgado captures will likely feel alien to most of us, however the images are imbued with no less than the spirit of […]

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Markets High in the Clouds

A congregation of talent, believers and locals all bundled up in one area. Any markets you come across worldwide id sure to be the the heart of the area, the meeting ground and a place to share. We had heard about the Zumbahua markets while we were adventuring out to Lake Quilatoa (the first time), […]


The face of “The Awakening” Collection

Late last year, we held a competition in search for our current Wolftress Warrior, someone with an empowering spirit and heartwarming characteristics. We were privileged enough to have amazing applicants submit their entry Australia wide, but it wasn’t until we were given the gripping personal legend from Khayla that won our hearts over. Now the […]


6:30pm Sunsets

Having lived our whole lives on the East coast, we had rarely seen the sun setting behind the ocean. It wasn’t until we were living in our little sea side shack in Manglaralto, Ecuador when we experienced the fiery skies and warm colours that would close the day. We would walk down to the waters […]


Stories through the bus window

Bus rides were experienced daily when we were sourcing materials and techniques for this collection; we would happily commute from town to town collaborating, learning and sharing stories with the locals. Those endless bus rides that most people dread were an amazing experience within itself. Being the most ecologically diverse country in the world; Ecuador sure […]


BTS – The Awakening Campaign

It has taken us close to two years to get Wolftress to the point where we’re ready to release its first collection to the world. The blood, sweat and tears had finally paid off when this photoshoot was done and all that we had envisaged and created became a reality. Grateful for having an amazing […]