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Those rainy days

All this rain in Sydney has jogged up all those feelings associated with home, comfort and being permanently stuck in a lazy daze. For those that have the time to enjoy this weather for its comforting beauty, this editorial is for you. The privilege to enjoy time at home while the pitter patter of the rain […]


Lady Of The Land

This editorial by photographer Justin Polkey explores raw unknown territories through this spirited fierce leader in nature, depicting her journey and ancient roots in a ghostly glowing orange sun. ‘Lady Of The Land’ Photographer: Justin Polkey Model: Gillian King for G&W Magazine Hair and Makeup: Tasha MacDonald Styling: Chrisna de Bruyn

L'Officiel Paris - Mars 2014

Buffalo Belle

A richness in colours and fabrics are shown in this fusion blend inspired editorial. With references from the Balkans to the American Far West, the red desert backdrop is perfect for this fearless, fringed and feathered ‘Buffalo Belle’. L’officiel Paris March 2014 Photographer: Robert Bellamy Stylist: Hala Moawad Hair: Pierre Saint-sever Makeup: Anthony Preel Model: Kelly […]


The beginning of the Wolftress dream

You would be hanging on the hammock aimlessly, listening to the soft waves curling up the sand beneath you. The occasional thud of a coconut falling would occasionally wake you from your afternoon slumber and jolt you back to the dream-like reality; Palomino. We had been literally “hanging” for the last 3 days on our […]

The Last Warrior

The Last Warrior

Beautiful use of darkness and shadows on a monochorme pallett  in this editoral photographed by TOMASS, emphasising a cultural strength and sense of mystery and untold stories. This shoot features amazing use of fabric textures and very organic looking handmade jewellery. The Last Warrior By TOMAAS Photographer: TOMAAS Photographer Assistant: Kosuke Furukawa Stylist: Carla […]

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The Beauty of Indigenous Culture and why it should be preserved

The world is full of diversity when it comes to cultures and traditions. The varieties in languages, indigenous crafts, traditions and cultures point out to the rich heritage that can only be found in particular places in the world. It is however sad to note that modernity threatens the existence and the sustainability of these […]



When Jessie and I were in Quito, Ecuador discussing our action plan for sourcing material in the highlands, we were met by the most free spirited, creative and loving person who never failed to carry a pair of drumsticks everywhere he went; Audie. He would sweep us away with his dreams of jamming in every epic […]