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Our Feature fabric for SS 2015

We had travelled for weeks! through villages and towns, down dusty roads, countless bus rides and endless train rides to last us a lifetime! The little town of Zhoucheng was nestled by the sparkling Erhai lake in Dali and housed a collection of dye vats that were visible from the moment we entered. The team […]


18 Ancient China round-up

So far we’ve visited 5 of the 55 ethnic minority groups of China, all of whom have their own culture and traditional costume. We’ve caught buses and trains and motorbikes across two provinces and been welcomed by the smiling faces of country men and women along the way. It’s been such an eye opening experience of […]


Welcome to China

It starts with a stare. The thought passes through my head that perhaps they are wondering why we are here or maybe they don’t want us to be here and don’t want to speak to us. Luckily we have the ability to laugh at ourselves and our lack of Chinese language and soon realised that as soon […]