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SHORT FILM | Wolftress – an insight to our world

There's a lot of things that happen behind-the-scenes in the Wolftress World - and we do our best to show you through our instagram and facebook and blogposts. But sometimes it doesn't do our lives justice. This little video is something that we created through snippets we shot and pieced together to give you an insight [...]
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06 The textiles of Long Ga Village

Entering this village, we had a purpose and it was to dive right into the Miao culture, learn as much as possible and hopefully find some textiles that we can use for our next collection. Longga village is located in west Guizhou and we came here because of the sub-minority group that live here. The long […]

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05 Long Horned Miao

It feels like forever that we've been travelling and we still hadn't been rural enough to reach any small villages!! It's been amazing nonetheless - the country is so big, it takes several days and long trips to actually get away from big cities and buildings. Our trip to Longga was convoluted, preempted by another [...]
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04 Streets of Guiyang

Location: Guiyang Finally got off the train! after 20 + hours we had our first breath of fresh air in the capital city of the Guizhou Province. Known to be one of the poorest provinces in China, we found ourselves amongst the locals, staying in a tiny apartment that had shared bathrooms and no privacy. [...]
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03 Train ride to Guizhou

Location: On route to Guiyang (on a super long super cramped and super smelly train) Date: hmmm... You know that earlier post we posted up on instagram? the one about releasing all expectations??Well thats exactly what we didn't do. We were imagining luxurious 4 bed private sleeper cabins with meal carts that would pass by [...]

Iluman, the hands behind our seeker hats

We had travelled across South America for some time now and the journey had brought us to wonder what the significance of the hats were for all the locals and indigenous people. From country to country, to villages and towns, the hats that were worn would range from little strange bowler hats worn perched up on […]

These 22 People From Around The World Will Leave You Speechless 4

The Captivating Faces of Untold Stories

Could you imagine a world where we all believed in the same God and lived in the same housing and followed the same conventions of life. How dull it would be. This is a world full of languages, colours, sounds, songs and dances. One of mountains, deserts, forests and seas. Our way of living may seem […]

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The Beauty of Indigenous Culture and why it should be preserved

The world is full of diversity when it comes to cultures and traditions. The varieties in languages, indigenous crafts, traditions and cultures point out to the rich heritage that can only be found in particular places in the world. It is however sad to note that modernity threatens the existence and the sustainability of these […]


Sebastiao Salgado

He’s the man that would immerse himself within his subjects for years at a time; capturing the best of their world and sharing it with the rest of us through his black and white snapshots. Salgado captures will likely feel alien to most of us, however the images are imbued with no less than the spirit of […]

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Markets High in the Clouds

A congregation of talent, believers and locals all bundled up in one area. Any markets you come across worldwide id sure to be the the heart of the area, the meeting ground and a place to share. We had heard about the Zumbahua markets while we were adventuring out to Lake Quilatoa (the first time), […]