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Inspire Wolftress

Last month we ran a photo contest called #inspirewolftress. The aim was to gather an inspirational collection of imagery  of culturally diverse destinations. It was a way to include your travel experience with the future of ours! Through this competition we would decide on the next location for Wolftress to explore. Inspire Wolftress by sharing […]


Native Roots Collection

Native Roots was our summer injection for our Ecuador feature fabrics. With summer creeping in and the sun starting to beam through the winter haze, it was time to release a collection to embrace summer. Feature our hand woven material from Ecuador; it was a collection that we absolutely adored. All items can be bought [...]
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Fashion for Human Kind

Wolftress are proud to say that we have joined forces with Fashion Kind; an online platform that was founded under the belief that the fashion industry holds the power to influence positive change. Fashion Kind – short for Fashion for Human Kind is curated by Nina Farran, a stylish and determined entrepreneur out to change the […]

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Nomadic Warriors

Warriors that roam the lands in search for adventure, the thrill of the unknown beats the same rhythm as their heart – Nomadic Warriors One of our first campaign shoots, this shoot was an amazing collaboration with Sydney’s finest team! Photographed by Tri Phan Hair by Jayde Turner-Ledwidge Makeup by Katie Angus Modelled by Chloe […]


The Freedom Dancer

A photoshoot inspired by the life that is lived by a freedom dancer She spins in the moonlight, tip toeing across the night sky to the beat of the night. She follows the whisperings of a warm summer breeze among forest glades, brushing her fingertips through the grass and arching back to soak in the […]

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Yulli Exhibition

This was done a while ago, but it marked the beginning of sharing Wolftress to the world for the first time. We were fortunate enough to get an exhibition space at Yulli’s down at Surry Hills. Yulli’s is a beautiful vegetarian restaurant on Crown St, Surry Hills that we had held countless meeting at. Craft […]


Wolftress at Bondi Markets

 The team at Wolftress were privilege enough to showcase pieces and travel findings at the Bondi Markets. The sun had peeped out for the first time in weeks and nothing could dampen the mood bustling through the beach side collective. We were there among other amazing designers, rubbing shoulders with the locals and chatting away […]

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Those rainy days

All this rain in Sydney has jogged up all those feelings associated with home, comfort and being permanently stuck in a lazy daze. For those that have the time to enjoy this weather for its comforting beauty, this editorial is for you. The privilege to enjoy time at home while the pitter patter of the rain […]


MX Paper Features Wolftress

Its exciting to find a little Wolftress feature on one of the most widely circulated papers around – Mx Paper! It was even more exciting when we discovered that we had a full page spread! Issued on Friday 11th of July 2014 and words by Vanessa Stubbs; here is a little excerpt from the feature. Tell […]

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Fashion Weekly Talks

We stumbled upon an article on Wolftress whilst we were googling ourselves. Its quite an oldie, but its always good that our values have stayed true till now. See the article here A free-spirited label promises hope to a dying art. Wolftress creators, Jessie and Kartika (Tika) take a fresh approach to give the Western […]


The face of “The Awakening” Collection

Late last year, we held a competition in search for our current Wolftress Warrior, someone with an empowering spirit and heartwarming characteristics. We were privileged enough to have amazing applicants submit their entry Australia wide, but it wasn’t until we were given the gripping personal legend from Khayla that won our hearts over. Now the […]


BTS – The Awakening Campaign

It has taken us close to two years to get Wolftress to the point where we’re ready to release its first collection to the world. The blood, sweat and tears had finally paid off when this photoshoot was done and all that we had envisaged and created became a reality. Grateful for having an amazing […]