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12 A new beginning with Yunnan

Waking on a hard bed and squat toilet was comforting in its humble, Spartan nature. It confirmed in my mind that we were on the road. Mist and darkness surrounded the train as we passed through mountains and mountain tunnels and mountains again. Groups of single men alighted at mining towns which gave way to […]

These 22 People From Around The World Will Leave You Speechless 4

The Captivating Faces of Untold Stories

Could you imagine a world where we all believed in the same God and lived in the same housing and followed the same conventions of life. How dull it would be. This is a world full of languages, colours, sounds, songs and dances. One of mountains, deserts, forests and seas. Our way of living may seem […]


MX Paper Features Wolftress

Its exciting to find a little Wolftress feature on one of the most widely circulated papers around – Mx Paper! It was even more exciting when we discovered that we had a full page spread! Issued on Friday 11th of July 2014 and words by Vanessa Stubbs; here is a little excerpt from the feature. Tell […]