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By Kartika Putra

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Wolftress are proud to say that we have joined forces with Fashion Kind; an online platform that was founded under the belief that the fashion industry holds the power to influence positive change. Fashion Kind – short for Fashion for Human Kind is curated by Nina Farran, a stylish and determined entrepreneur out to change the face of fashion. She has handpicked our pieces to feature on her website amongst a sea of other ethically inclined brands including Bel and Skar, Liberty United and many more. She has created a community that is standing up for social brands. We asked her a few questions about Fashion Kind and her answers to those questions are down right inspiring!

What is Fashionkind about and how did you come up with the concept? 

Fashionkind brings together the best of humanitarian values and connects them to legitimate individual taste and interest.  We care about humankind and the environment; we care about those that are disadvantaged, discriminated against, or oppressed.  So let’s support and aid those in need while also embracing fashion, taste and individual artistic endeavour.  The company was founded on the belief that the fashion industry holds untapped power – monetary, social and environmental – that can and should be leveraged to influence positive change. The kicker? This power can be synonymous with damn good fashion, ensuring you don’t have to compromise your personal style in order to make a difference.

What/who has been your biggest influence in fashion? 

Focusing on fashion alone, the list would be long for ground-breaking, creative, style leaders. But I am looking for the impact connection.  I am obsessed with the idea of incredible fashion making a positive impact on our world and its people. Stella McCartney and Livia Firth are incredible role models in that area.  This has been my biggest influence to date: if I can truly express my personal style while making a difference in someone else’s life; why wouldn’t I? My personal style is all about confidence and individuality while making a statement.

Where do you want to see Fashionkind heading in the future? 

In an ideal world, I would love Fashionkind to influence such substantial change in the fashion industry that there would no longer be a need for Fashionkind, as all major labels would have an ethical or sustainable cause.  That said, I know an ideal world is rarely achievable.  I envision further Fashionkind collaborations and an independent Fashionkind line.  I also intend to establish a Fashionkind Foundation to which our 10% of net profit donation would go, which would have a larger mission of changing the fashion industry at large.  I dream of Fashionkind being a source of inspiration, knowledge, creativity, and collaboration for consumers and designers alike. My greatest hope is that Fashionkind makes a difference in the lives of others – that is how I will know it is a success.

In 3 words describe your inner Wolftressspirit

Giving, passionate and fierce.

What’s your passion? 

Helping others.  I am happiest when I have made an impact on another’s life, as so many others have impacted my life.  I am fortunate to be in position of being able to give, each and every day.  I believe in the power of the individual, I believe in the power of love, and this is what I hold myself to each day – this is what makes me happy.

Are you living the dream? what is the dream?

This is a tough one!  “The dream” to me is to be surrounded by positivity, love, and support.  To wake up each and every day with the knowledge that I am doing what I am passionate about, and that what I am passionate about is making an impact in the world at large.  The dream is a life full of laughter, deep passion, culture and impeccable fashion with impact – every single day.

The world would be a better place if only… 

    Love ruled and every life were fulfilled.

    Every person had tangible, positive impact on another, in a virtuous circle

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CEO of Fashion for Human Kind

CEO of Fashion for Human Kind

Wearing our Guardian Cape in Cream. These pieces have been sold out in our warehouse and is only available through FashionKind . Buy it now before they run out for good.

Fashionkind: when you want to change more than your outfit.

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