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By Kartika Putra

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We stumbled upon an article on Wolftress whilst we were googling ourselves. Its quite an oldie, but its always good that our values have stayed true till now. See the article here

A free-spirited label promises hope to a dying art. Wolftress creators, Jessie and Kartika (Tika) take a fresh approach to give the Western world an experience to reach a rare culture.

How did you both meet?

TIKA: We met just before Christmas in 2012 on the carribean coast of Colombia. I was meeting up with my friend who I met in South America and Jessie was travelling with him at the time. We spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve together and the end of our backpacking journey was in sight but we both knew that we weren’t finished with South America yet as we still hadn’t found what we came for. So we started travelling together and the rest is history!

As new creators of this fashion label who were originally complete strangers; has the business partnership been cohesive?

JESSIE: We’ve been best of friends ever since we met in South America. It’s very rare that you meet someone who shares a similar dream and vision to you and has the same passion about it. That’s why when you find something as unique as we have, you want to hold onto it and cherish it. As long as you are grateful for what you have and respect one another you can make things work.

What inspired you to travel through South America?

Tika: South America was one of those places which you hear stories about and see pictures of but you know it’s a completely different world to what you have ever experienced. I wanted to be in a place completely outside my comfort zone and from the normality of everyday life.

What is the inspiration behind your label?

Wolftress is inspired by the different worlds that lie beyond our everyday life. We had immersed ourselves in a world that was completely different to our own; different perceptions, smells, tastes, and beauty.

How has this collaboration impacted the lives of the skilled artisans?

The artisans have been doing their traditional craft for generations. It is something that has run through the family and is the main source of income. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in large scale factories that produce a replica of their craft via machines.

Being able to be there in their family homes, hanging out with the kids and indigenous people, made us realise the impact these factories have on their lives. To be able to buy from the artisans individually was a great honour. It gave them a reason to continue their craft and share their story.

It’s a stepping stone at the moment, we are able to donate money from the Wolfish charms sales to grassroots projects throughout their country. We hope that as the brand grows we can help the people more and give them a reason to continue their craft rather than letting go of tradition in order to make money.

Can you describe your label in three words?

Spirit, unique and cultural.

Your label has a unique feeling to it. How is it different?

It’s the Wolftress Spirit. The label is about empowerment through sharing stories.

You are given the opportunity to buy a piece of history and with hope, save a dying tradition and help it continue on to further generations. Taking you on a journey to world’s beyond your everyday reach.

What’s next for Wolftress?

We’ve got our eyes set on another location to base our next project on. There are so many indigenous arts out there that has yet to be presented to this world, the possibilities are endless!


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