Markets High in the Clouds

By Kartika Putra

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A congregation of talent, believers and locals all bundled up in one area. Any markets you come across worldwide id sure to be the the heart of the area, the meeting ground and a place to share.

We had heard about the Zumbahua markets while we were adventuring out to Lake Quilatoa (the first time), and if it wasn’t for the misty clouds that prevented us from experiencing the entire breathtaking view of the lake, we might not of visited this market. Being fairly disheartened by the lack of views from the crater lake, it was only expected that we seek out something more to make up for the number of hours we had endured to reach this location.

The morning had been as icy as and chilly as you would expect up in the mountains, fog so dense, that the a few steps in front were still unknown and a somewhat mystery. We hailed down a ute and jumped on the back and quickly zipped through the windy country hillsides until we reached the bustling noise and shuffle of the markets.

Set amongst the most magical mountainous setting, this place is a manic chaos of wild animals, food and juice stalls. Men in poncho’s and fedoras and woman in pleated skirts with knee high socks and shawls. It’s a cultural colour bonanza, set against a majestic backdrop of mountains and hills.

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