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By Kartika Putra

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Its exciting to find a little Wolftress feature on one of the most widely circulated papers around – Mx Paper! It was even more exciting when we discovered that we had a full page spread! Issued on Friday 11th of July 2014 and words by Vanessa Stubbs; here is a little excerpt from the feature.

Tell us how Ecuador Influenced the Wolftress range? 

Ecuador is a country so diverse, it puts on such a mesmerising show for you. ​Every hour you travel by bus can lead you into a new feeling, a new head space and a new chapter in your journey. You have the rolling hills of the highlands, the beautiful coast line, the ever enchanting cloud forest and the busy cityscape and nightlife. The authenticity of the people and the role that they play in their home area was what truly drew us in. Each person had so much soul and belonging to their home, that it reverberated through everything they did. Their dress, their cuisine, their beliefs and their occupations. 

What’s the most versatile piece in your collection?

​The cape is an understated power piece. Dress it  up to be noticed or dress it down to just wrap yourself up in and be you. Wear it with the warmth of the alpaca on the inside. Wear it with the bright alpaca colours on the outside.

What do you wish you were wearing?

An embellished head piece, wrapped in an oversized fur with extravagant jewellery.

How do you find new ideas?

​We explore the world and get inspired by different cultures and their hand crafted skills. The different textiles and techniques that each culture has passed down never cease to amaze us. Their traditional dress, the landscapes and the music of their culture inspire our collections. Warrior like muses also influence the shapes and lines in all Wolftress products.

Fashion advice/rules you always stick to and never stick to?

​Let your style speak up about your true identity. Don’t be afraid to stray from the crowd. Be you.

Wear what you want when you want to. Dont wait for the right moment or the right event, if thats what you feel like wearing right now, then be bold and put it on.

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