Native Roots Collection

By Kartika Putra

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Native Roots was our summer injection for our Ecuador feature fabrics. With summer creeping in and the sun starting to beam through the winter haze, it was time to release a collection to embrace summer. Feature our hand woven material from Ecuador; it was a collection that we absolutely adored. All items can be bought here.

Model: Rosie Keogh

Photographer: Ben Dilge

Hair and Makeup: Kristen Olds

Film: Anthony Harrison

Wolftress Campaign-2
Wolftress Campaign-1
Wolftress Campaign-3
Wolftress Campaign-6
Wolftress ReDo-2
Wolftress Campaign-8
Wolftress Campaign-10
Wolftress Campaign-11
Wolftress ReDo-5
Wolftress ReDo-4
Wolftress ReDo-3

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