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By Kartika Putra

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The rip in my jeans honestly only came from a hole the size of my thumb – NOW its as big as my knee. Lucky for me, everyone happens to have one big hole in their jeans … just like me. I wonder if theres started as small as the thumb hole?






Photography: Mark Isaacs Photography

You want this look?? Super easy!

  1. Jeans – Your average black pair of jeans, fall off a motorbike until you get a small hole in the location of your knee – then wear it to death until the hole reaches full capacity.
  2. White tee – A really old white t-shirt. (I’ve worn it to death so the tags have come off)
  3. Vest – You guessed it! Wolftress – Erhai Lake Sleeveless blazer in YIN! you can find it here! 
  4. Bralette – Its sneaky! Wolftress – Moon Shadow Bralette in YIN! absolute winner of a piece. 

Its the perfect understated rock’n roll outfit that looks effortless but a definite eye-catcher for all the transeasonal weather leading up to Summer. Click on the links so that you can rock this outfit yourself!

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