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Supporting emerging creative talents Australia wide; Rummage is what being a creative is all about. This magazine makes it worthwhile quitting your job to pursue your passion. A platform to showcase your work and to share it with the world. The Rummage team took the magazine to the streets of Surry hills last Saturday and launched this amazing concept for free. Handing out their first publication to the streets and seeing everyones reaction first hand. We talk to the founder of Rummage magazine to see where this amazing publication idea came from.

1. How did rummage start? where did the concept come from?
It was only 5 months ago, when I was having coffee in a cafe with a friend, and I said to him, “Jason, I’m going to start a publication.” Having worked in publication himself, he loved the thought and he was the right person to speak to for advice. I didn’t have any expectations of how big or small I wanted the publication to be.

Rummage is the product of my own creative journey, which has been a venturous one. I have a background in graphic design, textile print design and photo post production. But I also have a thing for art, illustration, fashion and photography. I’ve always been known as an artist since at a young age and the thing about being creative is that there is so much flexibility to move around, develop skills, and open new doors.

With my interests and experiences combined, this led to the creation of Rummage. The aim is to search, discover and bring together more local emerging creative talents, to inspire others with their story and their creative journey. We all have something in common that we can relate to, and that is the ‘determination’ to succeed in our chosen fields.

2. Who is your Rummage muse?
English portrait and fashion photographer, Rankin, who co-founded Dazed & Confused and started Hunger Magazine is the inspiration behind Rummage. He’s an amazing photographer who recognises and supports emerging talents in creative genres that I’m also interested in. Who would have thought that one talented photographer and his team, would shoot most of their editorials and ads in both titles. Rankin says to Vogue, “It’s my take on fashion, art, music and everything that basically interests me. The people and the work that excites me. I’ve always loved interesting illustration and artwork and, throughout my career as a photographer and publisher, I’ve been collaborating with people from different creative backgrounds.”

3. Where do you see rummage going in the next couple of years?
We’ve been receiving a lot of support during the creation and since the birth of rummage, especially from people who share the same experiences and beliefs. We see Rummage growing into a big creative community in Australia, and making its way internationally. It’s a publication where creatives in Australia can have the freedom to show and tell, give advice, share their experience or latest updates. It’s not just a creative magazine, it’s also based on lifestyle. We want to follow the journey of all the creative talents that we discover and feature in the magazine, and witness their accomplishments.

4. What’s the message that you want to convey with rummage?
The magazine speaks loud and clear. Our message is to support emerging creative talents in Australia, so we can encourage them to continue doing what they love and build their name nationwide and globally. How many people do we know, who are extremely creative but can’t seem to break in this competitive industry? It’s disheartening and requires a lot of motivation to keep going. After spending a few years in London and soaking in their creative scene, it was natural for me to compare and I would often ask myself, “Why don’t we have this and that in Oz?” Whether it is print or online based, these talents need a starting point to be recognised not only locally, but also globally. We see rummage as a magazine that’s created by the emerging for the emerging.

5. 3 words that represents your Wolftress spirit.
Journey. Discovery. Support.







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