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By Kartika Putra

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As promised, we caught up with Jacqui from Running under the Sprinker Photography after the chaos of Fashion week. Jacqui was stationed backstage and shared a beautiful collection of images that we’ve hand picked on our MBFW journal post. We discovered Jacqui online while we were trawling the web for someone to follow. Being away from the action, we wanted to find someone that made us feel right there – amongst all the action.

1. Describe your photography style
Overwhelmingly fly-on-the-wall documentary. I’ve always dreamed of being one of those war-correspondents in some far off location delivering pictures of what I see. Plus, I am quite a shy person who doesn’t feel comfortable approaching people, so by kind of default that has always been my style. Of course, I push myself and venture elsewhere, but documentary is what I always come back to.

2. What do you try and capture when you shoot?
I want reality and I want feelings. Beauty of a scene is a bonus but not mandatory, and often it comes as a by-product of realness. I just try to show the story.
I don’t want to take the same photo of the Mona Lisa that everyone else does.

3. Where did you passion come from?
My family has always valued photos, and I still love flicking through our old albums, but I even love looking through other peoples’ albums (which I have heard is a little unusual!). It’s the stories in there. I get lost in the stories like a great novel. From a shooting perspective, I’ve owned a camera since I was about 7 yrs old. I always loved taking photos, but my inability to draw or paint what was in my head pushed me toward the medium more in high school.

4. Who’s your muse? idol?
I can be inspired by anyone who steps in front of my lens- they all have something to teach me.
My beautiful parents and my beautiful kids are my idols.

5. Describe the atmosphere at MBFW backstage
Normally crazy, panicked, urgent, chaotic. Though this year I walked into a lot of hair and make-up areas to hear quiet and see calm. It was a little disarming! If the previous show is running late, and the models arrive with 15 mins to spare for hair, make-up, nails, dressing there are a lot of melt-downs!

6. Best show?
I loved Johanna Johnson. The 20’s styling was beautiful, and a live band at a show is cool!
Dyspnea, in all it’s pink and fluffy cuteness, was what I would love to wear.
And Akira is always a favourite.
MacGraw, Alice McCall, Ginger and Smart, and Jayson Brunsdon all had lovely lines, but to be honest, I am often gone to the next show by the time everyone is dressed!
Those glossy lips at Manning Cartell were a stand-out.
I haven’t really narrowed that down very well, have I!

7. Share the most memorable moment at MBFW
Abbie Weir in the make-up chair for Akira, having sequins glued all over her face, quietly and slowly saying “It’s really itchy”. That, and the fact my son was there photographing alongside me sometimes.

8. 3 words that describe your wolftress spirit.
Passionate, Seeking, True.

Such a beautiful and subtle way of documenting an event.




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