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We are the wild and adventurous who fearlessly live for each moment. A #SUMMERWILD pack designed for the nomadic adventurer, the go getter and trend setter who is wild at heart.ADVENTURE | TRAVEL | EXPLORE#SUMMERWILDScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.14.19 pmWe’ve teamed up with the best brands to have the perfect #summerwild adventure for you.


@wolftresspack presents their #SUMMERWILD Insta-giveaway for all those that are nomadic adventurers, go getters and wild at heart.
We’ve teamed up with @heliexperiences to give our winner a helicopter ride for 2 around Sydney and also an AMAZING#summerwild pack filled with all the adventure essentials from @wanderingfolk,@axelandash, @karmmehq,@twig_skinandbody, @hutwoods and@wolftresspack

To enter in the draw to win, head over to Instagram, follow all the amazing tagged brands in the prize pack and let us know who you’d be spending your #SUMMERWILD with by tagging your ultimate friend.

Winner gets announced 14 Feb 2016.

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Give-away flatlay JAN 2016

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