Tao of Sophia

By Kartika Putra

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You probably already know that even though our feature fabrics host myriads of colours and crazy textures, our designs are edgy and minimal. Someone that we have been following with the finest minimal style is Sophia from Tao of Sophia. A young fashion entrepreneur who is an inspiring young lady that looks to create a platform for the style mavericks in all of us.

Also founder of fashion bloggers platform ‘Blog and The City’ and minimalistic blogs collective ‘Minimal Blogs’

1. Tell us the story behind Tao of Sophia? Philosophy is a big part of your blog, how did this come about? and what is the philosophy that carries through your blog and platform?
When I started Blog and The City, I never thought I would start my own blog one day. To be honest, I thought of the fashion blogging world as superficial, but I saw my chances to entrepreneur in the super hype of blogging. Slowly I got hooked up on the hype, and I’m so thankful for that.  I guess the turning point came last summer, when I also got introduced with Taoism. I consciously became feeling more and more free. This caused me to see a lot of opportunities in everything, and to see blogging as a way to express all creativity coming from it. For me, blogging isn’t superficial anymore. To be able to put your creativity in something, is everything except superficial.

2. Whats your passion?
My passion isn’t fashion. Fashion is just an amazing way for me to entrepreneur and be creative in. And there it is.. my passion is to keep on developing myself as an entrepreneur and creative. Nothing feels better than the energy I’m getting from it.
We all know we can easily loose ourselves in our passion. Getting to obsessed with it, while other things escape our attention. Something which isn’t unfamiliar to me, but my philosophy keeps me balanced.

3. Are you living the dream? what is the dream?
A dream might feel as something for the future and reality might keep us from feeling something as a dream. If we stay conscious about that, and dare to live in the present, we are able to live the dream. So in the sense of this statement, I’m certainly living the dream.

4. In 3 words, describe your inner Wolftress spirit.
imagination, optimism and possibilities.

5. What do you see for the future of Tao of Sophia and Blog and The City?
I’m constantly busy improving my sites, but I don’t have different future plans for them as they are right now. I rather see it as a creative process in which I keep on developing stepwise. Maybe other concepts will flow out of it, just as Tao of Sophia and Minimal Blogs are derivatives of Blog and The City. That’s the things I love doing to most anyway, creating new concepts.

6. The world would be in a better place if only ..
… we would accept each other the way we are, and not interfere in each others lives. This will absolutely not solve everything, but at least bring more peace in the world


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