The Abandoned Finca

By Kartika Putra

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We had hit the ground running. Empowered with this new surge of inspiration, the endless possibilities of Wolftress was our drive to stay longer and keep searching. Our bank accounts were not looking great and our families that were expecting us to come home kept nagging us; but it was more than our gut that kept us in Ecuador longer. Everything that we wanted for the new start up had fell into place. This place included.

Couch surfing was our way to get by during this part of our trip, we were saving our pennies to buy as much fabric as we could from the indigenous people we had met along the way. Our search for a place to stay close to the otovalo markets led us to an abandoned ‘finch’. A farm house that was not really a farm, but more of a big house out in the outskirts of town.

Kike welcomed us with open arms when we arrived guiding us to a big spare room for Jessie and I to share. He was a practising biologist who had spent a majority of his time in Ireland. Returning home to his native country, Kike had inherited this ‘finca’ and was now restoring it to its natural beauty. This was our base as we visited the surrounding towns to collect fabric and our home for a number of days.

We found ourselves designing in the back yard when the sun came out and sewing little samples with a vintage tabletop sewing machine. We were visited by another pair of travellers from America who also called the ‘finca’ their home. Sam and Zac were from America and often travelled with us into these little towns to help us document our journey and travels. It was as though the universe had equipped us with the perfect set up to get Wolftress set up. We had our abandoned and newly loved home and our little 5 person family.

Its funny to think that strangers and foreign places can feel so close and right. Just as though things were meant to fall into place.









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