The Beauty of Indigenous Culture and why it should be preserved

By Kartika Putra

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The world is full of diversity when it comes to cultures and traditions. The varieties in languages, indigenous crafts, traditions and cultures point out to the rich heritage that can only be found in particular places in the world.

It is however sad to note that modernity threatens the existence and the sustainability of these world treasures. Important fact to note is that it is our joint responsibility to ensure that we preserve our cultures and heritages just as those before us did so that we can allow the generations to come to also benefit from them.

One of the reasons why everyone needs to appreciate the crafts and the indigenous cultures is the fact that they are a physical link to a past that existed long before we came into this world. They give us an indication of how life was during the time of our ancestors. Through them, we are able to learn the lifestyles of the past and appreciate the tremendous changes that have taken place as a result of modernity.

We also get to appreciate the wisdom that the traditional people had since they devised their own means of accomplishing daily tasks without relying on any sophisticated tools and equipment which have become the norm of the day.

Without the indigenous crafts and traditions, it would be difficult for us to understand how our own lives have been transforming. There would be no benchmark to tell if we are making any progress from where our ancestors left. We have the ability to develop items that are completely different from the indigenous crafts that our ancestors used, but our heart and soul should remain the same.


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