The beginning of the Wolftress dream

By Kartika Putra

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You would be hanging on the hammock aimlessly, listening to the soft waves curling up the sand beneath you. The occasional thud of a coconut falling would occasionally wake you from your afternoon slumber and jolt you back to the dream-like reality; Palomino.

We had been literally “hanging” for the last 3 days on our hammocks talking of this new found dream and inspired concept of Wolftress. The setting was perfect and our mood could not have been better. Jessie and I had just met a couple of days ago and it was the bus ride to Palomino that sparked this common dream.

We had both been travelling on our own separate paths until Christmas 2012, where we were introduced by a mutual friend. The textiles that we had seen along our travels through South America were nothing that we had come across back at home in Australia. Although we were bombarded with trouristy alpaca patterned jumpers and pom pom beanies, you didnt have to look far to see the beauty behind the craft that the locals would wear.

The indigenous people that we met through South America varied by location and region and so did their attire. Looking closely at their craft and traditional techniques, it was hard to believe that in this day and age, we are still left in the dark about all the traditional skills that have been here for slowly disappearing after generations of use.

It was this location, being removed from the heavy bustle of the western world, being immersed in nature and surrounded by the locals with warm hearts and deep rooted cultures where dreams actually come to life. The possibilities were endless and the vision of Wolftress came to life.

This tropical paradise is on Colombia’s northern caribbean coast and was the location that initiated the Wolftress dream, Palomino. 

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