The face of “The Awakening” Collection

By Kartika Putra

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Late last year, we held a competition in search for our current Wolftress Warrior, someone with an empowering spirit and heartwarming characteristics. We were privileged enough to have amazing applicants submit their entry Australia wide, but it wasn’t until we were given the gripping personal legend from Khayla that won our hearts over.

Now the face of Wolftress and an amazing addition to the list of warriors we have, Khayla represents the Wolftress spirit in more ways than one. Read her personal legend below and let us know what you think.

Long time ago, there was an evil lady who had put a curse upon the earth to live in darkness- the earth was to slowly die killing everything in it. The people tried very hard every day to work the land and keep it healthy but their work was powerless. There was a young girl who meditated and prayed to the Gods every day in hope that they would find a source of energy and light to save the earth. The girl was becoming weak like everyone and thing in the earth, as they were slowly dying. With her last bit of energy she screamed with passion to the Gods to save her family and offered her own life. A fire began to burn in her inner spirit and her voice began to roar. Her hands lit on fire and she ran to the cliff edge in hope to jump into the water. However as she jumped she saw the people dying and saw that the light and power she possessed might be enough to save her people. She burst out in flames pushing herself into the earths skies. From that day on the earth lived off the girl’s energy and power and she became known as the sun. – Khayla, Sydney

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