The little coastal shack we called home

By Kartika Putra

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We had decided to settle in Ecuador to concentrate on this budding business idea that was tossed in the air during our travels. We found a little house right by the beach that had nothing but a queen size bed and a cupboard. This was where the magic happened, where the inspiration poured out and where dreams started to become reality.

The painstaking process of starting a business with only a vision and no internet, did not hinder us one bit. I brushed up on my spanish at the local spanish school and we started to roll out all of our ideas for Wolftress. The morning would start with the rooster crow and a sleepy droning yell of people selling milk, eggs and fried breakfast from carts that would pass by our house.  Every corner would blaze with bachata and reggaeton music entertaining the likes of an empty street and to the locals drifting off for their midday siesta. It was as though the music was a symbol that protected the town, an overlooking veil of tunes that suggested that the town was still alive and still a community even though there were hardly anyone on the streets. For us, it was comforting to hear the tunes waft through the windows and horse door. We’d wonder for a swim once in a while knowing that the corner speakers were watching out for us – making sure we’d come back into the community feeling safe.

There were times where we ran out of water and often had no electricity. The rainy season came in and we would find ourselves heading into town ankle deep in mud and infested with mosquitos. We would make daily trips to the internet cafe and leave with none of our website done other than half of an opening page. By this stage, we had decided to save our money and keep it for the fabrics that we were intending on buying so our food choice were limited to the fresh fruit and veggies sold by the locals around the corner and the blender and frying pan we had lent to us by the old senora next door. Amongst all the feelings of discomfort and excitement and routine, this was where we called home. It’ll be forever our design haven and the birthplace of Wolftress

The sleepy town that we called home was Manglaralto.


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Wolftress Logo working

home Manglaralto

manglaralto ecuador

sunset manglaralto
sunset manglaralto

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