The Wild Ones

By Kartika Putra

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We had come across this fashion film whilst doing a little inspiration searching and was surprised to find out that it was co-directed by our current model Khayla Fowler. Having the film made as part of her Intro to fashion marketing course at Raffles School of Fashion and Commerce, the video is one that is inspired by Wolftress and portrays the journey of Jessie and I have  behind Wolftress. We had a little chat with Khayla to find out how Wolftress inspired her to create this beautiful film.
What was the inspiration behind the video

Well, it was given as an assignment- to make an advertorial inspired by an Australian label, without using any of their pieces, only showing the essence of the brand. I chose ‘Wolftress’ as it is a label that I believe focuses on relevant worldly issues that people have seemed to have forgotten about. I wanted to be apart of sending out that message. I wanted to create a story line based on the two designers of ‘Wolftress’ leaving behind a “9-5” world to achieve something more meaningful- helping indigenous tribes.

Describe the emotion behind the video

I wanted people to feel confused (like what is this film going on about? Haha) and I wanted them to think! How they are living their lives?! Yes, the advertorial was ‘selling’ a brand, but it was also created to be confronting, that there is a whole other world that we have neglected. We live in a world that is self absorbed and we get consumed with meaningless materials that is wasteful and damaging. I want people to watch this and be inspired to take a step of faith, do what they love and give back to the world! SCREW ‘live, work, die’ our life is so much bigger than that! #smileyface 

Describe the video in 3 words

Aspirational, exhilarating and empowering
Talk us through the story
In the beginning the characters are all introduced, and we wanted it to look as though they had been awaken with a passion for change. Eloise who is the main character is filled with a passionate anger towards how she is said to live her life. With her friend they set off to search for a new beginning. They then find themselves in a new culture where they are welcomed and empowered. With this influence the advertorial ends with the two taking on the world- creating the ‘Wolftress pack’ a group of people giving back to the world with doing what they love.

Filmed by The Campbell bothers (Alex and Matt)

Creative director Khayla Fowler and Amber Weiss
Jewellery designed and supplied by House of Bantu
Make up and Hair by Daniella Alafogianis and her team
Modelled by Eloise Ashford-Meehan, Leroy Ashford-Meehan, Charlotte Ashford-Meehan, Phoebe Ashford-MeehanMaddison Rigg, Tadiwa Martin, Luke Bonello,
Samantha Cia and Abbie Pritchard

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