Welcome to China

By Kartika Putra

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It starts with a stare. The thought passes through my head that perhaps they are wondering why we are here or maybe they don’t want us to be here and don’t want to speak to us. Luckily we have the ability to laugh at ourselves and our lack of Chinese language and soon realised that as soon as we engage someone with a smile and a simple “Ni Hao” it’s as though the distance between our cultures dissolves and the warmest smile comes across their face to welcome us.

Sometimes we just get a simple hello from a passer by, other times we’ll have a younger person introduce themselves and then offer to lead us get to our destination, introducing us to the local food along the way. Sometimes they are just laughing at us trying to eat the hottest and spiciest food on offer and take photos of us crying. I’ve felt so much warmth and my favourite is when they then say “Welcome to China”. I must say I’ve never been in so many selflies in my life! This is the soul of the Wolftress way and this place really brings you in and embraces you when you show you are open.

We immersed ourselves in a world that was steep in culture and history yet at the forefront of globalization. Travelling to China with the Wolftesspack and taking you all onboard gave us the necessary inspiration needed for this collection to become what it is! We were inspired by the old and ancient architecture so steady and strong and embellished with nuts and bolts…

WE ARE WARRIORS plays on the idea of our Wolftress warriors being similar to that of the warriors that were discovered in China’s history. An idea that our modern day wolftress warrior is still someone that strives for a cause and also protects the future. We see our warriors as people who preserve our culture, protect traditions and collect stories.

Shuri Castle, Naha, Okinawa

Shuri Castle, Naha, Okinawa








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