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A journey through ancient cultures celebrating their world through fashion, photography and film. Wolftress trails documents our collaboration with ethnic groups for each Wolftress collection. It is about the people that we meet, the stories that are shared and the skills that are passed on. We travel to regions that nurture traditional crafts and techniques, and help them preserve their culture by spreading their story through fashion, photography, film and words.


In a country where the main industry relies on  mass manufacturing and production, it is often forgotten that China hosts such cultural diversity. The people of the Yunnan and Guizhou region have kept true to their ancient cultures in relation to language, religion and dress. To this day, the people still adorn themselves in their traditional dress, still speak the traditional language and still follow celebratory customs.

The 2015 spring/summer collection will bring you pieces, crafts, inspiration and stories from the Yunnan and Guizhou province of China. Wolftress travelled to this region to celebrate an ancient culture found in the mountain valleys in the south-west of the country. Famous for the majestic scenery and abundance in ethnic groups, China will be the inspiration for Wolftress’ second collection.


Traditional handmade crafts are slowly being replaced with machined goods. The knowledge and textile techniques that have been passed down through generations in the Yunnan province are being forgotten due to technological advances and the waning need for hand made items.

For some cultures, it is their textiles and traditional dress that define them. Without the economic requirement to continue these crafts, there is a chance that they will be left forgotten.

Empower artisans
Celebrate cultures
Create meaning

Wolftress Trails

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